About HKOP

Founded in 2000, Hong Kong Open Printshop (HKOP) is Hong Kong’s first non-profit open printshop run by artists. In 2012, HKOP registered as a charitable organisation governed by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and operated by a small, professional team.

HKOP is dedicated to promoting graphic art, encouraging international cultural exchange, enhancing quality and professional standard in artistic expression, and giving back to the community by preserving local print art culture.



    We provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore and enjoy printmaking and discover print art in their daily lives.

    HKOP plays an active role in promoting international exchange. Over the years, HKOP has curated a number of exchange exhibitions. We also regularly invite internationally renowned artists to conduct master classes and sharings with Hong Kong audiences. In recent years, we have increased our efforts to promote Hong Kong printmaking to the international art community.

    Every press in HKOP tells a story of Hong Kong print art. We treasure the fact that we have been able to acquire these important pieces of Hong Kong history, and are committed to preserving and managing our local cultural heritage and giving it new life.
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  • About HKOP
  • About HKOP
  • About HKOP

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